Parise & Associates Court Reporters
Court Reporters, Videoconferencing, and Litigation Support Services in Cleveland, Ohio


Premium Technology for Legal & Non-Legal Proceedings


Videoconferencing and Video Streaming for Your Comfort and Convenience

Our videoconferencing and video streaming services are perfect for depositions, expert consultations, witness preparation, mock trials, jury research, judicial conferences, staff training, ADR hearings, and more. 



Our state-of-the-art HD videoconferencing facility and worldwide scheduling services provide interactive communication between two or more locations. Enjoy PC and document sharing, broadcast-quality conference recordings, etc.


Video Streaming

Our video streaming service is a high-quality internet broadcast of live proceedings that observers can view, in real-time or on demand, from the comfort of their own PC, iPad, iPhone, or Android. Optional features include the streaming of real-time text and private chat windows for participants. 

facility & Details

  • Two Rooms: Available 24/7 for legal and non-legal proceedings.
  • Fully-Equipped Conference Suite: Wi-Fi, ELMO, easel, and projection equipment.
  • National & Global Network Memberships: Thousands of remote sites available worldwide.
  • High-Definition Polycom Equipment: Provides real-time transmission (no perceptible lag between audio & video).
  • Complete Service: We handle all the logistics involved in scheduling a videoconference, including securing the remote location(s).
  • Mobile Capabilities: We can provide mobile videoconferencing through an app to computer, iPad, iPhone, and Android.
  • Picture-In-Picture: Latest videography feature available. 
  • Support Staff: On-site and available around the clock.